Hello world !
Welcome internet friends, artists, travelers, pirates, lost children, stalkers, furries & co !
This is my little website corner where I vomit lines of code and throwing art & projects.
Thank you for passing by !

useless facts :
• dying hikkikomori
walloftext is where is noted all the good refs
• smoking too much
• sore throat since 2010, low voiced almost muted person
• listening to [...]
• must sleep more instead of computing
• daydreaming about an ao3 ff
• eating fishsticks (oven baked)
• literally is OC 7pmbf & 7amgf
• Felt pathetic at night (amazing feeling), best moment to post on social media at 4am
• When your playlist is too good you can't stop
obs page update
• Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
• Watching Doukyuusei as my comforting movie
• Woke up at 5am to drink water
• Studio Chizu, Inc. 株式会社地図 • Dir en grey in concert AAAUGHH (or just lives)
• Scrapbooking with trashes yay
Reading Bairairo no hoo no koro

• idk but Maughem
• Tears of Eros, written by G. Bataille
• Finished to read "The song of Achilles", and died
• Bought a Laurus Nobilis, named is Patroclus
• Adding so many stuffs at 7pmbf's page
• Read MADK vol3............ omg
• Named my 7am/pm friend as Umi (ref: Vistlip) and Omi (ref: Exist Trace) MY LOVEEE
• Found a book "Kyoko" written by Ryû Murakami
• Watched Spacked out (2000)
• Reading Dương Thu Hương's writings
• Audition (1999)
• Wilde (1997) • Henry & June (1990) • i feel overexposed so i disappear but i'm an addict to sm (social media) • microblogging • got an opium perfume
• relate sm to killing-machine vents
• feeling like an unsuccessful artist

夢見ドロ (Mud Dream) - sukekiyo

  • c/c the entire page to njw
  • The rooms magazine cover with em
  • 88x31 njw
  • FILMS page
  • Dir en Grey concert in March !!!
  • refs page
  • webgarden page
  • codepen journal page
  • must learn how to drag and drop
  • calendar shit
  • going to post office
  • add links : sweetpool page to refs njw
  • blog up
  • add pdf (written + images project)
  • make a winamp skin
  • must print Andelana ship photography
  • kinda want to make a page with all the films i watched
  • kinda want to make a page with my NC neighborhoods 88x31
_to do : openbook words and learnings 
must mark my tasks and plan my moving (softwares and stuffs) :
to add colorpicker
screenshots of my desk
must make button for OC !!! (7am, 7pm, NHEIRA & RUBY, Mesange, Pie.... Crow - add am i gay test lmfao)
hilarious seme test (got badass seme)
difficult slow damage test
which dmmd bad end will you get ? (got clear)

Made a page for OC Ruby

Made a page for Nheira's tree
Haven't drew a lot lately... Can not focus on anything lately, head hurts, always tired...
Watched One Million Yen Girl and adored it. I was feeling kind of down, not being able to get out my mindset of dep then I just saw this film and the courageous energy that this girl give off is just admirable. __
ache Moving myself
boy it hurts
Losing interests
Eating disorders nightmare
intoxication alimentaire
Suicide service
Diving into the abyss to find light
Tsuzuku and Aoi's screams...
Journaling (Lou, Anais, G. Sand)
Isalys' perfume
Distancing myself from...
Three appointments done
Always more
No answers
Stalker game guitar
Men are beasts, interesting creaturez I hate
Injection bloodshot
Forget about it
Mediocrity is my worst part
Winter Lantern Bloodborne
Ruby's experiences